29-31 May 2024 | ESA-ESRIN | Frascati (Rome), Italy


  • Provide a forum for scientific and application-based exchange on Super-Resolution and downscaling methodologies applied to EO and Earth Science data; 

  • Review relevant science and application activities and projects; 

  • Present the latest advancements of current techniques including Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning; 

  • Identify challenges, knowledge gaps and limitations in the current state-of-the-art and formulate a roadmap with priority research themes and possible novel approaches; 

  • Foster open access to datasets, models and benchmarking to allow efficient and conclusive intercomparison exercises; 

  • Investigate the applicability and potential of SR in commercial EO products and services; 

  • Inspire early-career scientists and researchers. 

  • Define priority areas for upcoming initiatives (e.g. Sentinel User Preparation).